V. Babrauskas, R. G. Gann, and S. J. Grayson, eds., Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxicity, Opacity, Corrosivity and Heat, Interscience Communications Ltd., London (2008). viii, 356 pages, illustrated, hardbound. ISBN: 978-0-9556548-2-4. This is a reference book on the topic of toxicity and hazards of combustion products which was published in conjunction with a conference on the topic which was held in London during 10-11 November 2008. It is intended to be a reference work which lays out the state of the art for assessing the hazard of combustion products and the methodologies which are suitable for this purpose.

Detailed information may be found on the publishers’ site, Interscience Communications Ltd. This book is not available through the customary online bookshops, but should be ordered from the publishers directly. To contact them, phone +44-208-692-4050. Fax +44-208-692-5155. E-mail [email protected]

Book cover for Hazards of Combustion Products: Toxicity, Opacity, Corrosivity and Heat