• PDF file titled: "Combustion Characteristics of 250 kg Aluminum Paste and Extinction." (single-user license) See further description below
  • PDF file titled: "Leaching Reactions of Aluminum Dross in Various Aqueous Solutions." (single-user license) See further description below
  • PDF file titled: "A Consideration of the Safety of Screwless Terminals (Push-in connections)." (single-user license) See further description below
  • PDF file titled: "An Evaluation of the Fire and Explosion Hazards of Thermopolymers of Diene Hydrocarbons." (single-user license) See further description below
  • PDF file titled: "Cone Calorimeter Bibliography: 2003 Edition" (single-user license) Cone Calorimeter Bibliography: 2003 Edition. By Vytenis Babrauskas, Fire Science Publishers (2003). This annotated bibliography encompasses most articles, reports, and books published on Cone Calorimeter topics from 1980 through December 2002. Each item contains a brief abstract or summary providing the highlights of the item. 169 pages. Includes an index of authors. This is the first new edition of the Cone Calorimeter bibliography since the first edition, which was published by NIST in 1992.
  • This zipped downloadable file contains much of the tabular material contained in the Ignition Handbook. Data tables are provided in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. See further description below
  • The Handbook is a massive resource, consisting of 1116 pages, tightly set in a 2-column, 8.5" x 11" (215 x 280 mm) format. The book includes 627 black-and-white figures, 447 tables, and 140 color plates. The Handbook is divided into two main sections: Chapters 1 through 13 include presentations of the fundamental principles of ignition sources and of the response of ignitable materials to heat or energy in various forms. Chapters 14 and 15 constitute an "encyclopedia of ignition," containing extensive information on individual materials, devices, and products. Chapter 14 comprises alphabetically-arranged narrative descriptions of ignition properties and hazards for substances ranging from "Accelerants in incendiary fires" to "Zirconium." Chapter 15 contains database tables giving information on 473 pure chemical compounds and over 500 commercial or natural products, including such substances as dusts, fuels, lubricants, plastics, and woods. See further description below


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